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What To Feed Baby Ducks or ducklings & baby duck Care and food

If you have a baby duck or ducks, and you plan to raise them , you must have wondered  what to feed baby ducks ,there are things you have to know about baby duck care before you start. Favorite Baby duck food is Pro Duck Starter feed, greens, cracked corn and carots are great for ducklings.  First is that little ducks need warm and safe environment to live and grow. The ducks can be sensitive in the first few days of life, and it is important to keep watch. Little ducks will swim as soon as they are born, and will like water as they are happy little swimmers. If you want to know more please read what to feed ducklings below .

Make a duck home

Make them a brooding container. Little ducks will start eating after 24 hours when born, so it is important to place them next to a source of food and water. You can use a plastic container or a box for this if you have just few ducks. It is good that ducks cannot jump out of the container so they stay safe when you are not there.   

It is good that box is well-insulated so it keeps the warm air in all the time. Keep the box indoors, out of the cold.

To make it more nice for the ducks, line the bottom with old towels, or other soft material. Ducks will like to feel soft material under the legs. You can place even soft grass or straw.

Install a heating lamp

When ducks are small and young, they need warm environment to grow in, this can be done by installing a heating lamp over the box. This will keep them warm at all times 24 hours a day, and never turn it off. For a few ducks one lamp is good, if you have lots of baby ducks install a few lamps. Warm box is important for baby duck care.

For baby ducks 100-watt bulb is a good start, it will give out the heat you need to keep them warm. Install the bulb in the way so it is in the corner of the box, this is so ducks can move away from the heat if in need. It is best to install it so ducks cannot touch the bulb to burn them self.

You can leave the light on 24 hours, so ducks have a source of heat all the time. If its summer time, then you don’t have to provide extra heat, you can even overheat them in summer by providing bulbs.  

Baby Duck Food, What To Feed Baby Ducks?

What to feed ducklings?  You can provide them Pro Duck Starter feed, peas, cracked  corn, green beans, lima beans, cooked carrots, tomatoes,  worms , hard boiled eggs, grass.

Little ducks will start eating the first day, it may take up to 24 hours for them to get eating. It is best to provide them starter duck feed, this is full of the nutrients they need to grow. Provide them with water next to food at all times. Always make sure that its easy to access and full.

What Equipment Do You Need To Feed Ducklings?

 - Plastic Poultry Feeder

 - Plastic Poultry Drinker

 - Pro Duck Starter

How Many Ducks to Get

Ducklings like all other creatures love companionship and will do best with other ducks. If you plant to get a pet duck I would recommend you to get a pair. You will not always be around and this way they will have each other for company. Even having two ducks they will still bond to you and express love, but wont be lonely when you are not around.

If you plant to keep multiple duck for egg production then the number is up to you as long you can provide good housing, food and clean environment. You can easily keep 12-15 ducks in your backyard, just make sure they are protected from predators and cold weather.   

Remember that all ducks need the same thing to have a long  and happy life. Good healthy food, access to water and secure housing that is clean. If you manage to provide them with that and some love and attention you can be sure ducks will shower you with love. Duck are very good at remembering faces and can recognize owners and voices. When ducks see you they often run in the owner direction to great them and say hello.  

Free-range ducks

If you can you can let the ducklings some space outside to walk-around. Make a small fenced area that is protected from predators and let the ducks peck around the grass. Don’t do this till baby ducks are at least 2 weeks old. Exposing the ducklings to the outside environment will stimulate their growth and get them in contact with normal bacteria that will help them build up immunity.

Ducks are great companions and produce good eggs. If you like chicken eggs you will love duck eggs even more. Free-range duck eggs are even more richer in all the good nutrients like protein, calcium, iron and potassium then normal chicken eggs.

Everybody that tried free-range chicken or duck eggs know the difference in taste. Ducks that are allowed  to walk around freely will have a more balanced diet. They will snack on vegetation and insects while eating the food you provide. If you have the means let your duck friends enjoy the sun and the grass, and you will not regret it.

The best option is to buy or construct the enclosure that can be installed in your backyard, this can be a permanent or removable. This way you can bring ducklings outside and let them have fun, in warmer climate you can even keep ducks outside all the time. Get the water container and feeder installed inside so ducks can always have access. Remember not to leave ducks on direct sunlight and provide shade so little creatures do not get overheated and suffer. Ducks love to swim, so provide them with a water container or a pound where can happily socialize with their friends. Plastic, metal or wooden containers will do just fine, as long as the ducklings can climb up and in the water to swim around.  

Dont forget to provide swimming area for little duck, they love to go in the water and swim, as ducks are good swimmers you don’t have to be worried about them. Just give them some water fun, and they will love you for it.

Baby duck grow fast, and after a few weeks you will see great improvement , so keep the food bowl always full, and next to water so they can wash it down. When the ducks grow and mature you will switch to adult food. This will happen after around 16 weeks old.  Never give ducks human food, or chicken feed, it is not made for baby ducks, and may lack nutrients needed for growth. I hope this helps and you learned something about baby duck care.

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