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Best Birding Shirt

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There is nothing a birder will love more then a nice birding shirt (and maybe some birding binoculars)

If you are new to this hobby, check out How to start birding.

Get Inspired  

There is no need to hurry, take some time and learn the basics. Birding is a wonderful hobby and can get some time to get used to, but brings lots of great opportunity to spend time in nature by yourself or with friends.  

Begin by reading field guidebook. Any book or guide can do, provided it has images of every  backyard bird as well as some map for common species. Keep this guide at any place where you can read peacefully for couple of minutes every day; taking the train the bus or at lunch break. Do you know how many types of birds exist? Where will they reside in different seasons? Now you do not have to worry about how you can determine everything, just concentrate on finding out what birds are available in your backyard.

To support your field guidebook assessment, discover few issues regarding avian biology as well as the hobby of bird watching. Watch some nature bird program on the life of these Birds species, you can find some great videos on youtube.  Discover what makes this species move around. Understand how they have become such extraordinary creatures. Study the book "Big Year" authored by the Mark Obmascik (obviously, the book is far better compared to the film), and discover literally everything about this birding hobby not to emulate particular thing but as reference point. Excited about it? Great, let us go to next step

Gear Up

The best part about this hobby of birding is that you just need small number of equipment to pursue this hobby. To begin, you only require some equipment to watching these birds, and will not empty your piggy bank. When you start, you need not have to worry regarding the type of binocular you are using to watch these birds. All you have got is the set of 14-lb black plastic-type big equipment from your parents home to watch these birds. Make use of it. Even small opera piece that you simply hold in front of your face will work. Certainly one of these extending binoculars can fit within your pocket. Later you can get some better binoculars if you prefer and like the hobby.

If you install a small bird feeder in your backyard small song birds will start hanging around. This is a great way to start getting familiar with small song birds and their different behavior.  

That is it!  Some type of binoculars along with field guidebook you purchased earlier are more than enough for getting started. When you learn more things, you might wish to spend money for quality digital camera or perhaps a telescope (for those birds which are very far-off), but they are actually not required at this stage.

Be there

Now is the time you must go outdoors to reach out birds. Your first experience really matters; if you are overwhelmed, or perhaps you do not understand whatever you are doing, remember that you will get a second chance. Therefore, you need to begin with a proper strategy.

The fact is, you will really feel great when the bird that you have chosen suddenly comes and sits before you. This feeling is the heart of birding or bird watching. You will be able to capture it again with each new variety you discover.

Here are few things that I can recommend: choose any bird and just go and find it. Make use of that field guidebook you purchased and choose a bird, which you have never heard or seen before-but you are sure that this bird resides nearby during this same time of the year. Now just go and discover it.

That is all about it, you have already become a birder now! You will find many different techniques to continue from this point-even getting your friends for birding with you; chasing your hobby; But remember that everything should take place naturally from the point you start your amazing journey of becoming a birder.


Congratulations for pursing new hobby- let us meet in the field with or without a birding shirt :) 


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